BIC Magazine is a great place to tell your story to the top decision makers in industry. Plus, your story can be commemorated in a matter of months through a custom book, movie or documentary offered by BIC Media Solutions (BMS).


For over 30 years, BIC Alliance has been offering marketing campaigns in BIC Magazine that include editorial. Since 2004, BIC Media Solutions has been offering custom book publishing and event planning services and in 2014 BMS began offering funding, co-producing and marketing of faith-based, inspirational and family-oriented movies and documentaries.


If you are a filmmaker or publisher who is seeking investors and/or marketing partners, or someone who is interested in investing in inspirational, faith/family friendly movies, contact us today!


For more information about telling your story or event planning and promotion services, call Earl Heard at  (800) 460-4242 or email earlheard@bicalliance.com.

BIC Media Solutions Specializes in:

Custom Publishing, Event Planning / Promotion, Film Investments and Media Partnerships.

Read BIC Media Solutions Update Spring 2015 edition here

"A Gift Horse" is now available from the following:

iNDemand (Comcast, Time Warner, COX)
Vubiquity (AT&T, Verizon, Charter, Mediacom)
Amazon Instant 
Google Play 

Upcoming Release Dates:

7/15/15 Amazon Prime 
7/15/15 Hoopla (Library) 
7/15/15 Overdrive 
7/15/15 Hulu Plus

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